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Nera Etwa House is located in Lovorje village on the south Dalmatian coast in Croatia.

Nera Etwa... "Divinity that flows"

There is old Moroccan saying "You do not choose the house, the house chooses you," and that couldn't be truer in my case. The moment I set foot in Nera Etwa House, I knew it was meant to be. The energy of the surrounding area, the beauty of the landscape—it all spoke to me in a way that felt like destiny unfolding.

As someone deeply passionate about interior design and enchanted by the allure of exotic treasures and far travels, I knew I had found my canvas with Nera Etwa House. Over the years, I've lovingly curated each piece of furniture and decor, transforming this space into a gallery of soulful artifacts and cherished antiques. From ancient Indian door frames to Moroccan trays repurposed as bed headboards, every corner of Nera Etwa House tells a story—a story that invites guests to embark on a journey of discovery and connection.

But Nera Etwa House is more than just a reflection of my design aesthetic; it's a testament to my belief in the power of environment to nourish the soul. With every detail, I've strived to create a space that not only delights the senses but also fosters a sense of peace and belonging.

As I walk through Nera Etwa House (barefoot in my kaftan) , I'm filled with a profound sense of gratitude and purpose. Each room, each corner, holds a piece of my heart—a piece that I'm honored to share with every guest who crosses the threshold. Because Nera Etwa House isn't just a house—it's a sanctuary, a haven, a place where destiny and design come together to create magic.

And I'm grateful every day to be a part of its story.


Britt Sanja Jusic

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